Mesures Alternatives

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Mandate & Objectives


The main mandate of Mesures Alternatives des Basses-Laurentides, in consultation with the Provincial Director and the different social and legal authorities, is to develop and apply alternative measures issued by law enforcement agencies, Centres intégrés de santé et de services sociaux, Centres Jeunesse as well as the Youth Division Court, as provided for in the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the Code of Penal Procedure.


Young offenders aged 12 to 18 at the time the offence was committed and their parents, as well as victims.



  • To develop and strengthen the expertise of an alternative measures program in order to counter juvenile delinquency.
  • To act as an intermediary between young people, those close to them, and the community, by offering teen offenders alternative measures to traditional sentences.
  • To allow teen offenders to settle their situation within a framework of alternative measures.
  • To facilitate the sharing of information, as well as the search for preventive, remedial and alternative measures or any other means deemed appropriate concerning juvenile delinquency.
  • To get the community involved in the management and development of preventive, remedial and alternative measures for youth in order to promote and develop broader responsibility for the problem of juvenile delinquency.
  • To defend and promote the rights, interests and needs of teens and society, in a spirit of accountability.